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WHIM Therapies, PLLC

Physical Therapy at your door


To improve the quality of life for those we serve through the delivery of clinical excellence, extraordinary service and compassionate care, while being recognized as the leader in personalized approaches. 

Most Insurance Coverage
through Doctor's referral. 

Or Call/Text 253-518-6074
for in-home physical therapy care. 
Tell them "Elizabeth Franklin referred you"
Reach out to me directly to get time slots that work for you.  

Fall Prevention Consultation

Addressing the different types of falls

Fall Prevention or Recovery

from a multifaceted approach,

developing a more complete picture

 overcoming  past experiences

or alleviate fears of future events.  

This  approach includes:

  • Fall History-Not all falls are equal and

    • should not be treated the same.

  • Identifying fears that limit walking

    •  or  movement in any or all planes.

  • Medical History Screen  

  • Vision screen as it applies to movement

  • Postural orthopedic hypotension

    • ​and how meds can affect it.

  • Post-op  Influences.

  • Vestibular/Balance

  • Identify

    • Strength Losses,

    • Range of Motion Losses,

    • Mobility Losses

  • Addresses Incontinence Issues

    • (see Pelvic Therapy, below)  

Elizabeth's skill and experience identifies  weaknesses in movement.  She then challenges the client in these areas, creating new movement strategies for fall prevention.

As well as meeting in the home environment, allowing assessment of the living situation, and assistance with modifying environmental barriers. 


Fall Prevention Therapy

Fee Schedule for
WHIM-Therapy, PLLC

Treatment type:     Physical therapy

Group Therapy class  ......$15.00


                                              groups of 2-6 

Senior discount..............$6.00

Sr. Bundled classes 10 classes for $50.00

Physical Performance test..$35.00

Cash pricing available for WHIM-Fitness- only

Insurance payment for WHIM Therapies is through

Payment schedule through Get Luna. 

Many insurances accepted.  




Pelvic  Therapy

In addition to 40 years in orthopedic physical therapy, I  have worked the last 10+ years focusing on pelvic/pelvic floor issues.  Initially, my focus was on addressing Womens' Pelvic Health. 

I partner with my patients to deal with very sensitive concerns. 

 Addressing issues such as: 

  • Incontinence of women at any age or stage in life. 

  • Pregnancy/ Postpartum                                      joint laxity, muscle pain

  • Prolapsed Organs

  • Chronic Pelvic Pain (pain that has lasted longer than 3 months), including from intercourse.  

I eventually added work with Men for their pelvis and pelvic floor issues, because they need help too!   From tailbone pain, rectal/genital pain and incontinence to addressing symptoms caused by prostate concerns and more. 

My approach 

Dealing with  pelvic floor concerns is so personal and private, and can weigh on you as you try to manage  it for months or years.  It takes courage to be able to share your  discomforts/pain/issues with a stranger.   Sometimes having someone who can listen, and help identify one or more causes of the problem takes on new meaning.  Who stops to think about the needs of the  pelvic floor/girdle and how it affects so many functions in life? 

I do!!  

Posture, core/pelvic floor condition (weakness &/or high tone) and patterns of movement have a large influence on the pelvic floor tissues, and the organs they support. Muscles affected by Hip replacement or abdominal surgery can all be involved.   Addressing these tissues specifically through movement has shown to resolve many problems 


Pelvic Therapy
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