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Addressing problems of the  pelvic floor & pelvic girdle 

  • Incontinence

    • Urgency​

    • Frequency

    • Night-time needs ​​

      • addressing the needs of poor mobility​

  • Pregnancy, pre and post-natal 

  • Pro-lapsed Organs. (vaginal, bladder, or rectal)

  • Abdominal pain or pelvic pain

  • Pelivc girdle joints: SI, tailbone, pubic & lowback

  • Scar tissue release

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WHIM Therapies, PLLC

Physical Therapy at your door

 Improve Balance and Movement

Address limitations in daily Activities

Find difficult tasks to do and improve ability

Improve Sports Performance

Address muscle memory

Limit POWER-LEAKS to minimize injury


Massage and Soft tissue Techniques

Improve muscle function

Address swelling and injury

To schedule an appointment
Call (253) 951-3023 or

email: Hello@WHIMTherapy.com

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Contact for WHIM Fitness*
Schedule a Class,  Program development
Screening or Personal Fitness Program.

  Phone : 253.951.3023
Or email: Hello@WHIMTherapy.com

*WHIM Fitness programs are not subject to health insurance reimbursement

Instruction in specialized movement to improve performance, including:

  • Pelvicore Training

    • ​​for improved pelvic floor function.

  • Physical health and injury assessments

    • ​ for athletes &/or performers.​

  • Dancer Screenings 

    • ​specific to dancers and sports performers (cheer, dance team, ice skaters, gymnasts.) 

  • Performance Enhancement/
    Injury Prevention (PEP) 

    • ​ ACL injury prevention program for team and individual sports enthusiasts.​

About Elizabeth

I've spent almost 40 years acquiring the tools of physical health and movement therapy.

My treatment approach focuses on:

  • Manual therapy skills addressing limitations in muscles/joints and fascial systems. 

  • Isolate muscle pattern weaknesses, to minimize tissue damage in daily activities. 

  • Help people engage their pelvic floor/core to find relief from  incontinence, low back pain

My background in Conditioning, Speed & Agility training and body work, has helped Performing Artists and Athletes, of any age, work toward their goals, in a healthy and safe way.

This is what brings me joy.

Let's see what new goals you can reach

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